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This is the DW journal for Charlotte (bigfluffball/guppymun).

Most of you know me through RP at Milliways. I play Guppy Sandhu, Carlotta Brown, Shufti Manickle-Johnson, Wellington Womble, Vyvyan Bastard, Adrian Mole, Light Yagami, Will Parker, Father Christmas and Gohan.

I am an Oxford and London graduate. I loved Oxford, because it was the first place I was accepted; and the stereotype is a minority, I met about five of them in three years.

I have two kittens called Sam and Gene. I prefer the term 'Mad cat person' to 'Mad cat lady', otherwise I generally identify as female-ish.

I practice the friendly aspects of Christianity and Buddhism. I respect the beliefs of others regardless whether they believe in a deity or not, providing they do not attack or hurt others. (I lose respect for people who Christian-bash, or other belief-bash, but my faith encourages me to forgive).

I'm probably asexual, and don't believe being single should be a barrier to me doing anything. I'm cool with whatever sexuality anyone else is providing it's consensual.

I like to make things. Especially miniatures.

My journal is mostly friends only. My mother is very nosy. :P

I think that covers the basics.

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